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RVIC Wiring Diagram

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stan never shows that circuit, not with full-wave like that, look in the 661 patent for the real circuit, 200 volt output he describes

What circuit are you talking about Donald? The tubular demo cell?

The one I referenced specifically in the 661 patent with 200 volt output may be of interest... It has 6 diodes, but not configured like you show. The only other 6 diode diagram is the first of figure 8-11 in the tech brief, while the second of figure 8-11 has 9 diodes, and the one in the independent report has 3 diodes.

Oh, OK! I got a little confused... sorry. The pic I posted was only to show how I wired my own alternator. Stanmeyerslives sent me a PM asking how I wired my unit and I was unable to attach a picture in the PM script, so, I just posted it to my project space. Once again, my vagueness has caused confusion and I do apologize.

Happy Friday The 13th!


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