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RVIC Wiring Diagram

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A requested diagram...

Wow, thanks for this diagram.
Is the alternator rewound at all or just deregulated?
About how many amps did you pull for the whole circuit?
I am making changes as we speak and am going to try some different setups...

I have tried a few different rewound stators, but, the stock one it came with worked best. I was pulling about 25A through the cell with an input of about 2A from the variable transformer.

Wow! That is quite a lot, but also a lot of production!
One last question regarding the alternator layout - in the diagram, you show a central point where the three phases meet.
What is this? Is it a center tap created when you wound the alternator windings or is it a stock connection?
I do understand the stator winding is not shown, as it is connected to the control box.
Is there any pulse applied to the stator, or is it Meyer's box schematic?
Thanks - this will definitely help those desiring to replicate this!

The center tap sort of thing where the 3 phases are tied together is the way it comes stock and usually called "neutral". I just used it as a connection point. I don't know what I was thinking at the time or why I did it that way. The rotor can be considered as being pulsed with fully rectified AC @ 60Hz = 120Hz DC pulses.


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