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Hi Stanmeyerlives,
I'm just starting out learning all of this stuff from the beginning.  I'm slowly learning all there is about this, and I still have a lot more to learn.  I really like your setup and would like to accomplish something similar, to just learn the basics.
I tried registering on your site but it says I have to be approved before I can post anything.
What did you use to create your 8XA circuit?  I see that TonyWoodside sells boards, but in the learning process I want to create my own and build from scratch, if possible.  I would like to save money so one day I can buy Tony's more expensive board (after I understand the basics)
I already ordered a Powerstat 21 so I can build a setup comparable to yours.  I attached a picture showing the 8XA circuit that I believe DynoDon posted.  I'm having trouble finding where that post went now.
The picture I attached, is that the one that you built?
Thank you

Yes, that diagram is correct.
The most difficult part is the coil, but it is possible as long as you understand it is bifilar, wrapped a row at a time.
Dynodon was indispensable in documenting this, as most was not listed in the patents.
Keep at it and you will be successful!
Here is a video I just uploaded that shows the new 8xa board in action: Also, if you sign up at you will be able to post - we had some spam issues that have now been resolved...

Thanks for the reply.  I had signed up for but my account was never approved.  I signed up again just now as HurstOlds there, waiting to be approved.


I have yet to order any parts.  I will be placing my order soon, once I hammer out all the details.  I only have a Powerstat at this point.


Just posted - the World's largest cache of Stan Meyer documents:

We are continuously adding more as we find them.
Feel free to peruse...


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