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The more one researches Meyer's technology, the more interesting and fascinating it becomes.
This is the 8XA circuit and Stan's Electrical Polarization Process box, but with a water cell consisting of a tube, and not plates as he used.
The electronics are as stated in the patent.
The resonant choke specs are the following (thanks to Dynodon for the clarification):

134 Turns of AWG22 magnet wire
L1 = 768uH, .5ohms
L2 = 760.2uH, .5ohms

Without ferrite core:
L1= 283.8uH
L2 = 281.1uH

The circuit, although it is a 'proof of concept' circuit, works beautifully and produces much more gas than brute-force cells used in the past.
The results below were taken with .5 amp current and around 50V AC input to the circuit.
It is evident that the incoming AC frequency, 60Hz, is doubled at the cell (roughly 120Hz), as Stan suggests.
The water being used is distilled water - no additives.
Stan's dream is becoming a reality - one step at a time.
Keep pressing forward everyone!

Thank for sharing bro!

Keep work at the same level!

Here's another gem - a picture of Stan Meyer in the Grandview Heights High School Class of 1959....

Here's a larger copy...

Here is another test cell - approx. in length, on a 2nd 8xa box.
Production at 1 amp is excellent, the box to the left is the Rotary vic control unit in progress...


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