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8 tube set cell

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This cell is still under construction but I thought I would post the pictures anyway. All surfaces are insulated or at least they will be when i'm done.

The outter tubes are 11" x 1" and are powder coated. The inner tubes are 14" x 3/4" and are capped at both ends. The leads are held in place with pipe clamps and are insulated with epoxy and marine goop. The cell is designed so if i wanted to i could feed in gasses from an ultrasonic nebulizer and they would be forced through the tubes.

Very nicely made :)

For the later stages of connecting up, a suggestion for part of the safety side, there are several layers of s/s gauze, usually of 2 size mesh, found in faucet aerators, the gauze might be a simple step to add to flash back arresting the hho supply, i do not know if implementing the gauze will alter any properties of the gas or not. The outer casing of the faucet aerator can be discarded just use he inner aeraator portion or the individual gauzes within it.

Also a type of  non return valves found in plumbing fixtures are a complete plastic insert as shown in the attached pic, often found in the similar brass body type non return valves.


wfchobby, thanks for the suggestions. I've already constructed a flash back arrester out of pvc and steel whool, you can see it in one of the pictures. As for the valve i'm looking for something that will allow me to build and maintain pressure in my cell. I've found a clues that Stan may have been doing this. 

almost done! still need to add in the valves, pressure gage and attach possitive leads.
 I started this project before I really new anything about Stan's work. Now I wish I would of invested all the money into my resonant wfc project but i'm living and learning.
Anyway I still have some plans for this huge thing, i'll try the 8xA circuit. i'll also try to run a small engine if i can produce enough gas. I guess if I get my single tube cell working i could apply it to all 8 in this cell.


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