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simple vic for learning purposes

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This vic is very simple and is just to try to better understand how everything works.
-lawton pwm circuit
-modicfied ignition coil, puts out around 1000 volts
-two inductors are primarys or secondarys of two more ignition coils.
- 4 1000volt diode in series just to be safe
I'm not really looking to achive resonance with this set up, I would just like to achive high voltage across my cell. I can charge a capacitor to high voltage with this set up, and my cell acks like a capcitor and charges up when its not in water. When i try it in the water i can't get more then 2 to 4 volts across my cell.
i'm guessing that the water is simple breaking down at this low voltage and the small amount of current provided is moving through the water making it imposible for my cell to acked like a capacitor. i think i'll try distilled water soon and see if i can get any voltage.On the other hand it could be because the circuit is so far out of resonance; i need to get an lcr meter
I'd like to here some input from you guys, maybe I am missing something important

some results maybe?
Yesterday I changed out the inductors for two that were on the same core, I still couldnt really get any voltage across my cell or so I thought. I then attached the ground probe for my multi meter to the earth ground for my house, and touch the possitive probe to the possitive side of me cell. I got a reading of around 250 volts ac and with a little tuning i got it up to 900volts. I got the same reading on the negative side of the cell. Is this an accurate way to measure the voltage?

Dave,you just figured out how to read and find LC resonance.As you tune frequency you can adjust it to find the highest voltage,and thats LC resonance for your coil/cell set up.

thanks for the conformation! this is exciting stuff.

Gas production!
I changed some of the wiring for the inductors and got voltage to peak well over 1100 volts. Amp draw dropped as well! When the voltage went above 800 gas production started. It was the smallest amount and i can only see it if i look closely but its there! The chokes are a few heneries each, not sure on exact size. This experiment has sort of turned me into more of a believer. Using my first set of inductors i produced less voltage and had double the milliamp draw but zero production. This makes me want to believe that something other then just electrolysis is going on here  ;)   
Both experiments were done in tap water.   
I still dont have my scope working so no wave form to show yet.
I think I need to construct a better cell to test with, mine is 11 inches long and a cell half that size would probably be better for testing


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