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to get those infos you need to go and invade a physics university library...

i believe that this thing about ionizing the gas, prevent the water from reforming, universal energy, is related to cold fusion program, in that or he is isolating the oxygen some how and inject no oxygen inside the combustion chamber you would get under pressure hydrogen and nitrogen basically it would then combine the hydrogen with the nitrogen.. Maybe the ionized oxygen is not allowed to unite with H but nitrogen yes... maybe thats why he recirculated the exhaust having no or less oxygen at some point and probably a big amount of amonia... other way probably he could get a reaction that happens instantly maybe creating amonia and burning it instantly...  think of it the combustible would burn creating n2 and h20

i think is a way for retarding the flame and achieve over unity as the combustible is being created and probably recreated during the process

Yes, its related to cold fusion, Sebos.

Ionizing can be done with real lasers, not LEDs.
But also with high voltage frequency's.

My 2 cents are that Stan used the HV and added some LEDS for fun, because that led part was his earlier hobby.

I am sure we can ionize atoms, because i already done that.
The question for me is how to extract the freed electrons from that gas stream after the ionzing proces.

Stan succeeded in this proces and made his own gasmixe to create a magnet gas that ran his EPG. 8) 8)


Cold fusion? How did you guys come to that conclusion? The only aspect I see the two have in common is they both use electricity...


--- Quote ---A new 'phase' of water that is electrically charged has been  discovered in space for the first time.
The weird space  water vapor was discovered in an interstellar dust cloud by the European  Space Agency's Herschel space observatory.
Unlike the three more familiar phases of water – namely  solid ice, liquid water and gaseous steam – this newfound 'phase' doesn't occur  naturally on Earth.         In the birth clouds surrounding young stars, ultraviolet  light is pumping through the gas, and this irradiation can knock an electron  out of the water molecule, leaving it with an electrical charge.
"This detection of ionized water vapor came as a  surprise," said Arnold Benz of ETH Zurich in Switzerland. "It tells  us that there are violent processes taking place during the early birth stages  which lead to widespread energetic radiation throughout the cloud."
The detection of this weird form of water was announced Thursday  during a major scientific symposium held at the European Space Agency (ESA),  which runs the observatory, in Noordwijk, Netherlands.
The first scientific results from the Herschel observatory  also included new  views of massive star formation and a temperature  reading of a frigid cloud of gas and dust, were released at the symposium.
Herschel launched in May 2009 alongside Europe's Planck  observatory, which will detect the cosmic microwave background radiation of  the universe.

--- End quote ---



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