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this is where i stand at the moment with the alternator.. i have been waiting for some side money to purchase some wire.. i bought it like 2 or 3 weeks ago and have been to busy on other project such as working on my car..  been working on painting it finally primed it yesterday.. few more things to go with it then i will be back on track with this.

beautiful! lets roll!


this site gives you a simple stratagy for winding the alternators..   i went ahead and copied the pics of most importance off the site and put them here..

here is a basic template for the rotarty vic circuit board.. if you open it in paint and print it it will be the right size for stans version of alternator..  you can use microsoft paint to route the rest of the connections... i will be posting a complete front and back when i complete the drawing...
this board requires double sided copper clad..

i went ahead and hopped on diptrace and duplicated stans board.. i will be printing this on photpaper and doing the toner transfer method.. i must purchase a 6x6 inch double sided copper clad to produce this configuration on.. so those with the same style as stans alternator if you have dip trace u as well can replicate his board.


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