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Is that floating?
How does that relate to the RVIC?

I can't wait to see what you come up with for the rewound stator!
You have a very nice and clean set up :)

Good news! I have found a ford alternator! Actually a Motorcraft.

Thanks Donaldwfc, and no, that coil is not floating. Just stiff wire. Although, there have been reports of anti-gravity by similar style coils. I will list a few articles for reference. I know it's a long shot of an idea but I haven't ruled it out yet in my research.

One thing that stood out to me when reading Stan Meyer's drawings of his "Bifilar Resonant Chokes" or "Amp Inhibiting Coils", was how they are always, in all drawings, with the path of the current in each wire opposite of each other. On some drawings, the coils are even wound anti-clockwise to each other. I also found that a caduceus, moebius, Tensor, smith, series-bifilar, etc. all had this in common. They cancel out part of their magnetic field. But that's not all.

"First. this apparatus has zero impedance - unlike an ordinary coil.
when fed electrical energy the wire in the Tensor coil does not get

Secondly. it has infinite resonance - unlike an ordinary coil which
will resonate chiefly at its natural fundamental frequency and
weakly on the 2nd or 3rd harmonic, the Tensor coil is capable of
resonating strongly on any number of frequencies randomly spaced in
the spectrum. The signal pumped into such a coil strangely enough
cannot be quantified (detected) by standard RF (radio frequency)
detection apparatus. Many "Ham" radio operators and electronic
technicians who have used these coils, are completely baffled by
them. One radio amateur found that with two such coils, one used as
a transmitter and the other as a receiver, the second would not pick
up the signal from the first unless they were precisely aligned for the signal to be transmitted the alignment had to be as critical
as that of a laser beam."

"To verify the dissipation of 60 cycle and harmonic EMF was linked

to coil operation and not a property of the 22,000 RPM motor, the

coil was disconnected and the motor ran for a equal amount of time.

No effect on the ELF meter was observed. This appeared to confirm

the fact that this dissipation effect was a property of the Caduceus

coil. This raised many puzzling questions. Could 60 hertz

(appliance) radiated EMF be canceled by the use of a properly tuned

Caduceus Coil?"

"Scalar waves are produced when two electromagnetic waves of the same frequency are exactly out of phase (opposite to each other) and the amplitudes subtract and cancel or destroy each other. The result is not exactly an annihilation of magnetic fields but a transformation of energy back into a scalar wave. This scalar field has reverted back to a vacuum state of potentiality.

Scalar waves can be created by wrapping electrical wires around a figure eight in the shape of a möbius coil. When an electric current flows through the wires in opposite directions, the opposing electromagnetic fields from the two wires cancel each other and create a scalar wave."

And so on.

That alternator looks just like it! and it's not an aircraft alternator!

Would you be kind enough to share the model number/year and such so it might be easier to locate one.

As for the bifchokes, one is creating a negative voltage and the other is a positive voltage, and they are wrapped with additive magnetic fields. not cancelling, though much is still to be understood.

Bubz:   1975 Lincoln Continental. I'm sure you can pick one up at your local auto parts store too.

hey bubz,

you say that this coil will work in 2nd , 3rd harmonics and any spectrum harmonic to its natural freq..

i want to share a perspective thats been on my mind since yesterday...

imagine you are spining a merry go round.. each time you grab it to add energy with the motion of you hand to apply it..  we will call the grab point a and the release point b...  a is 0 on the scope while be is the max potential reached in the form of distance..   pretend there is a flag on one ofthe post on the mery go round so you can keep track of cycles.. now  one must acknowlege that if the merry go round is lets say spinning at 4 cycles a second, unreal i know but lets pretend.. that would be equivalent to 4hz  you being the energy source providing the acceleration to it do you have to add energy ever  hz to maintain its momentum... no you could add a burst every 4th to maintain speed and hz... now  if we are only feeding it energy 1 out of 4 pushes maintaining 4hz. what will happen if you didnt change your repittion of when you apply energy  but rather you change the speed of your hand that is applying the push... that would mean you could add energy at 1 hz but could still manage to continue to make the marry go round speed up into higher freq.. i think this is a good example of elongating electrons and how it is posible to apply a low frequency and generate higher freq..   amplitude and sharp rise time in a pulse is like the speeding up of the hand from point a to b... aka particle acceleration?


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