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Actually yes, one of my earlier thoughts, if you read the water fuel cell explanation in the independent report, from a Dublin institute of something, they do a chemistry type analysis of the process.

basically what they are saying is the reaction of H2O splitting into H and OH ions is constantly, naturally, occurring, in a back and forth process around an "equilibrium point"

and the basic idea is that the water molecule is constantly dissociating and associating itself, and all the WFC does is put the water into a different environment, a pulsing electric field environment, whereby two things happen

1. the naturally dissociated ions are collected, gathered together as a gas to be removed from the water

This removes the ions on one side of the reaction equation, so more ions are naturally created to go back towards equilibrium.

2. The pulsed electric field environment shifts the "equilibrium point"  such that more ions are naturally in solution at any given time.

This then increases the effect of point 1.

and there you go, you're just collecting the hydrogen and oxygen as they dissociate naturally, about an equilibrium reaction, and also biasing the equilibrium so more ions exist, and removing them to create a constant bias towards natural water dissociation.

Simple eh?


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