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Very Very Nice setup, Thank you for sharing!

Hope to hear your gas productions too, We need for more people to post their gas output with these tube cells so we will have "More" for comparason.

Welcome Bubz!

Nice setup you have.
Any data you wanna share?


Thanks guys! I'm kinda new to all this, but I felt like trying it out and seeing what would happen. I haven't done any major test runs yet because I still have to seal the base from leaks. The short tests I have done so far looked very good and I hope to have it completely ready for some longer test runs this weekend.

Short Description:

16 inch  304  1/2 inch and 3/4 inch OD  .065 gap
Delco 10si Alternator with various stator coil configurations
1/2hp motor with 6 inch pulley
0-120V Variable transformer rectified

Thank you Dynodon and DonaldWFC for posting the recent pictures of the alternator and PCB. These pictures are priceless to me! I have wondered for many years what the inside of his alternator looked like. Now I know! I have to gather up some wire and make a mock prototype. Here is a pic from JL Naudin for a partial comparison to show how the wire will be wound around the stator. This is not exact as I will do, but close. The base principals are the same.


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