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So cool i have a project section! I made a bunch of different nozzels with .015 holes in them and they work great. Its pretty cool. I made one with one hole and the flame is super concentrated. It cut through some metal i had like nothing. Then i used the one that has about 20 holes drilled in it and it did more heating than cutting. It really just wound up melting the whole thinginto a puddle of melted metal! Im going to put the fuel cell part of my setup on E-Bay on November 20th. I need funding to keep researching so hopefully my sucessful fuel cell can help someone elses research!

I may bid on your cell, up to a point of what I can afford, after that I hope it makes someone happy!

For the nozzles, when I was testing one a few weeks ago, my production was low so my flame was close to the copper nozzle, so it heated up and the copper nozzle melted the plastic hose it was attached to and then fell out.

Stan says the non-combustible gasses coming out act to lift the flame off of the nozzle to keep it cooler than the flame, so we need to keep this as a consideration.

well theroetically you could capture the non burnable gasses off the flame and feed it back into the gas mixture to act as a retardant to lift the flame of the nozzel. I also opened my valve all the way and got the flame off the tip of the nozzel. It was comming out at about 15 psi.

yea, I'd like to eventually build one of Stan's hydrogen burners that does that, he has a patent on it, and a separate patent for the start-up/ shut-down of the burner.


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