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Carpet, Static, and Discharge Sparks


Carpet, static, and discharge sparks.  These sparks sometime quite annoying may someday be used to power the space shuttle. NASA announced it would be installing carpet in all the space shuttles.  Although carpet has been kept out of the shuttles in the past because of contaminates, NASA is now having it installed for electrical production.  GM has picked up on this new technology and is releasing a new car next year called the “Sparker” it will be powered by the driver rubbing his feet back and forth on the floor mat.  To accelerate the vehicle instead of a petal the driver simply rubs his feet faster.  Not only will the vehicle be using the static produced by the drivers’ feet but also it will utilize some mysterious scalar waves picked up from the earths’ surface to power the craft.  GM has high hopes for this new technology but has not been able to make the car actually move yet.  They still intend to go forward with production of it though because all the test drivers have lost an average of 40 lbs .  The Sparker may be the vehicle to a slimmer and healthier you.

ROFL is this a joke ...

GM stop the cover-up , we know Stanley Meyers made a water car that can slve all our energy and problems

This is a joke.  Just for fun.  Ha Ha Ha

Fred Flinstone strikes again !


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