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By now there are many ways available to produce HHO but which is best? Meaning, which method produces the most HHO consuming the lowest energy.
Is Stan's Water Fuel Cell with its electronic best or is there a better method?
What is your best result concerning HHO production vs. energy input and how did you achieve it?
Am reading through many documents and am not sure which way to go.

Hi Lektor,

As far as we know, a drycell is the best cell for a normal price.
They come in many shapes. Efficiencies from zero to 150% according to faraday.

Nobody has shown a proper working Meyer cell doing higher efficiencies then the drycells, till sofar.

Hopes this helps.


I am with you on this drycell is best and affordable too.

Dry cells are nowadays best source of stored or storing energy to be used but are expensive.

The lead use in dry cell should be very less as far as pollution control concern.


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