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Title: interesting ww
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Title: Re: interesting ww
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That spark gap dipole is incredible.  I can see a lot of uses for that static induction sweep.  Maybe even shape resonance.  How about more power from an ion brush?
Title: Re: interesting ww
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A tiny drop of crazy glue isn't always an electrical barrier.  Sometimes it's nothing more than an ultra extremely high frequency dielectric interrupter/vibrator.  But I doubt you can pick it up on your scope.  Other than a fuzzy line or something.
Title: It may be just simple as this
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when i look at it seems like something on meyer generators

Guys i have had an insight, dont know if you believe it but recently my life changed a little i became a daddy and now have lot of work to do to pay my bills... in the mean while im getting more organized and every day imprroving my life..

so tonight i wake up like aways 3 in the morning and i had a idea of the stan alternator i think i never had before...

First i drawn the most complicated design i could imagine and than i could reduce it to 6 diodes and 3 coils and than maybe only 3 diodes could be possible.. trying to make it in a line as stan said KISS

If  phase one feed a cell connected in series with phase two phase one is feeding the cell and phase two at the same time


If  phase 2 feed a cell connected in series with phase 3 phase 2 is feeding the cell and phase 3 at the same time


If  phase 3 feed a cell connected in series with phase 1 phase 3 is feeding the cell and phase 1 at the same time

so it actually is not a star but a triangle... the three phases form a closed loop (lets talk about phase and loop)

this loop can be feed by a three phase inverter for example and the field coil can be feed with a resonant tank to get very high frequency and reactive power

my guess is that this is going to reduce the back electromotive force of the alternator somehow makeing the coils act as attracting the magnet while the other coil repel it.. simple as that

it may cause a circulation of dc thru the three phase coils

i will show you my drawings
Title: So this is it?
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This delta configuration
that I started with the star and than connected the points and Stan’s drawing were there

I think he improved it by using water as a ground reference and added coils so the electrodes could fluctuate and charge to a higher voltage level … the alternator perhaps gave the current and the Vic the voltage level raise… resonance may also appear because of this configuration… anything is possible after all that were are being subjected by the society.

The cascading Vic’s may be what i was drawing first thinking a way that the water could be also used as a power source and than the 3 phase came into mind…

I still have my alternator here and i may give it a try…

The main idea should be using a 3 phase inverter connected to the cell should generate less gas than the same configuration with the alternator being feed in parallel to that… if don’t this teory may be wrong

Title: Re: interesting ww
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I would love to put my hands on that equipment to test water… any of you could contact him? Make some tests for us?
Title: Re: interesting ww
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Delta gama ômicron

I hope to be able to get my hands in some of this equipment as soon as I become rich haha
Title: Re: interesting ww
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i sent this to them

Hello, my name is Fabio and im from Brazil. I studied Physics at the university of são paulo and would like to ask if you would be willing to help me and a group of international community to solve the puzzle behind the resonance of water molecules in a water capacitor.
I tried to plot with labview at lower frequency the impedance in many situations but you seem to get increadible equipment that could perhaps lead us to better or clearer results. We share our work in the forum and is all about trying to break the water molecule to make an efficient source of hydrogen. Sorry for my poor english but let me know if you are interested in give us some advice and perhaps we could send you a sample so you could plot in the equipment to see the behavior at this higher frequencies.. . thanks in advance

Fabio Torturella
whatss app +55 11 982807111
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The resonant frequency of an alternator may have to do with the RPM!

The higher the RPM the lower need to be the inductance needed to resonate it with the cell...

If the coils are add in series delta it should have a sort of circulating current i guess... specially if the load is not linear..

May the chokes wound opostite side work as a kind of capacitive stufff?
Title: Re: interesting ww
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something with harmonics?
Title: Re: interesting ww
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I’m not so sure but i believe it has to do with number of poles and combining the 3 phases in that way and then perhaps a manner to make or provoked waves to Bounce along the tubes like if it was an antena like Ron said few time ago… I thing the alternator had the coils arranged on the other phases like shorting ckr or like an unbalanced 3 phase system so it cause a dc flow… I imagine using a y alternator as a kind of load feeding the other alternator
Title: Re: interesting ww
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I was thinking about how would this waves be generated and how can we direct it and keep it going…

A flute has holes and this holes change the length changing the audio resonance in it… my guess is that water resonates at microwaves
And the vibrational frequency is even much higher… infrareds range

I think sparks or maybe a slip ring could be a source of white noise like

Perhaps some neon or other flash lamps could give some of the required vibrational stimulation needed for the reaction to come…

Meyer talk abou that directly and perhaps is required along with pulsed dc to make the magic happen

After all what we know about the water molecule is that it’s at lowest energy level normally and what Meyer basically say is that it will stretch

My best guess is that it may happen near the boiling point of water at least it makes sense to me does it make sense to you?

The amount of energy involved in evaporating water is not far from what is needed to actually split it so it may have a relation

Was Meyer using a radiation source hidden? Is not impossible… perhaps a radiative eletrólitos like cesium… or maybe the resistance of water is enough to generate such waves during the electrical discharges… if it were in the visible range I guess would be easier for us to find it out… there may be some kind of infra read spectrum analyzer that may be of help seeing it

Something else abou the boiling point of water is that it can be manipulated by pressure… nuclear reactors use this same technology of your pressure pan… it basically form pressure such that the boiling point rise to above 140 Celsius this enable more heat transfer and the water can be constantly added to the chamber

Hydrogen formation is endothermic so it should absorb heat in the formation

Maybe we just need to use the pressure and heat to modulate the boiling point of water such that we can bring to the right temperature where it has the vibrational stretching point

The relates in the patent is that it seems like a boiling action so what if indeed it’s a near boiling reaction….
One of the very first tests I done was with two electrodes 20cmx10cm in a bucket of water and 230v ac from Italy wall plug using a full wave bridge rectifier … it boiled water very quickly and it consumed around 600 watts with that kind of water

There are some sort of ceramics that convert heat to infrareds too this could be some source of vibration to..

But more than that this can be a sort of coating in the electrodes

Also could be naturally formed

The electron extraction process may happen easier at higher temperature… in the New Zealand Meyer talk about 50 ppm contaminants .. that like tap water here in Brasil maybe 70… this can be modulated with filtering with ionic resin

Under high temperature the hydrogen and oxygen could reformate so it need to be físically separated to be useable

So perhaps a catalyst intermediate could be handful for the eec and to adsorb the gases and a physical barrier may help too

In the experiment I mention I used a sponge between the electrodes to keep it apart

Let me know your point of view about that


Title: Re: interesting ww
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Recently I developed one of this pulmonary ventilators for the pandemic and during the process I got some different types of pressure sensors and one idea we could use is to use pressure sensor to monitor the flow of gas and the pressure… it can be plotted

Using the water in an engine would have the benefit of having the heat source being the combustion so it reuse the heat many many times…

Title: Mirror LASER
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The water cell has its ends directed to plastic basically...

in a laser mirrors are added on both ends of the cavity so it can reflect and amplify 100s of times since mirrors can be very effective keeping the radiation inside.

it may be a piece of metal... i was reading about emissivity and found that 304 material could get up to .92 emissivity if corroded.. i guess this mean it emits IR if hot and absorb IR if not...

There is a section in the tech bried where meyer talk about the EASER or something like that... Electrical Amplification by stimulated emission of Radiation...

I guess this is an area that most of us didnt went thru.. on of meyer works was about a house full of lens.. maybe the key to the process may be light too.. meyer even mention that water need to be reenergized by using light on it after the reaction...

light has electric fields and if is of the correct frequency suppose to be able to sustain vibration or induce resonance...

actually the model of atoms tells that water is at the lowest energy level .. so basically you need to pull from both sides with a electric field greater than the electric field that holds the covalent electrons...

its much like if you have a book on the ground you need to apply a force greater than G to be able to give it any acceleration...

This electric field inside the molecule is gigantic due to the very short scale.. so kind of if you just want to disturb it anyhow you need an electric field greater than that.. and this will be repelling the atoms and attracting the electrons if positive for example.. if we sum to this electric field the electric field of light we may have a chance to start a disturbance in the water neighborhood... than it would not be in its lowest state anymore... who of you read the book meyer mention Tomlin about atomic physics? there is this citation somewhere..

if this frequency is the perfect one it will resonate and absorb energy till split apart..

in attachment some images of what im talking about
Title: Design a lens to focus the beam into water
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The plexy glass is transparent and concave inside

Perhaps we could use some sort of lens that focus the light to a point like when we use a lens to light a match (fósforos)

Sun light have 1000 watts/m2 but is not coherent

I’m not sure how to polarize it but I guess is possible but still not coherent

I guess a tunable laser would be desirable around the known absorption vibrating frequency of water

In the electron extraction design Meyer kind of direct the leds to the inner electrode with a kind of lens that seems to spread the ligh parallel to the electric field he even apply a perpendicular magnetic field with coils… hydrogen gas gun

I guess light is the only manner to reach the needed electric field to mess around with molecular structure and it has one advantage

Title: Re: interesting ww
Post by: Login to see usernames on March 31, 2022, 09:52:02 am,a%20stator%20and%20a%20rotor.

i was reading this and perhaps the idea of using a 3 phase motor as a coil is not a total bad idea...

It will be a manner to give a lag to the voltage but not by the inductance by the rotating field...

the PLL phase locked loop may come to play right here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!