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Hi all.  Been a while.

Here's a basic question to think about...

What REALLY is the water fuel cell?

Answers please ...

Let me go a little further with the first question...

It's not a basic capacitor.  How would you draw it as a schematic...

Really?  Nobody wants to take a stab at this? 😂

Come on guys, I'm trying to make a point...

Doesn't the WFC behave sort of like this?

What is this?

This is the target frequency people.

I dont think so.

2 plates spaced by a water dielectric behaves like a resistor. You can frequency sweep it from DC to 1 GHz and see no changes in voltage/current/gas generation, thats not the behaviour of a capacitor used in a LC tuned circuit. Stan even says that in the WFC memo, that the water will become part of the circuit in form of resistance.
When you energize this kind of reactor, the voltage that develops across it, is the product of RxI, nothing more, and you get pure electrolysis only.

All you can do is increase the reactor impedance, to get a higher V/I ratio, and therefore rip the water molecule with less current. You cannot reach resonance with an inductor in series with a resistor.

In my opinion, this voltage ripping the molecule apart, only works in a very small scale, thats why he moved to the injectors.


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