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Stevie, Administraighter


Stevie, I have forgotten my password and somehow remembered it. I was unable to contact you via Skype.

I Registered for a new account here.


The security Questions even I was unable to answer, I was ask to name the chemical elements for each of the Hydrogen oxegy and nitrogen I think it was. I was unable to do this. I tried everything.

Stevie, I feel that if I can not answer those question I dont think anyone can. Not asking you to change anything, I am just imforming you that I was unable to register a account here because I couldn't figure out the security questions.

I've been locked out for months, finally, somehow I logged in.

Brian, what you must do, is to enter a valid email adres in your profile here on this forum.
Then you will receive all needed info if you lost yr password, when you ask for it.
On your special request, i made it easier for people to create an account here.
The reason to make it a bit difficicult was to keep unwanted advertisement accounts out.

Welcome back.....



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