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RC lawn mower


I made this lawn mower around this time last year. I Thought some of you might like it and might want some insight on how to make one..

This mower has 2 electric drive motors that have gear reduction boxes and axle output shafts.. They came from a mobility chair..
I think it was called a jet ultra3 the one i yanked my motors from

I salvaged the drive motors, swivel wheels and wiring harness from the mobility chair.. The batteries were bad so i had to buy new ones.

I bought the same style batteries that the chair would normally have. Two 12v in  series so the motors are 24vdc
The mower was the one i was using to mow with already.
Basic self propelled walk behind lawn mower.
The radio control system is a regular RC airplane transmitter and receiver..
The motor driver electronics is a Sabertooth Dual 60A 6V-30V Regenerative Motor Driver

If you have access to a welding/fabrication equipment, basic electronics skills, common sense and a few extra bucks to acquire the project materials, then you too can manifest a RC lawnmower.

Thats pretty cool  8)

a lazy people device! I like it ;-)

This is amazing. I don't have skills to be able to make one of these, sadly. I've never actually seen a commercial RC lawn mower either. Do they even make them?


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