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found this on youtube, sent a email to him asking for a description of his set up..  under the video is his reply

My water does not get hot. I think its because i use  really thick gauge stranded copper wire(dont use stainless wire cause  it has high resistance and this is why it heats up). My alternator has  only 3 sets of 2 wires...not sure if that matters. I have no bifilars  so far but may add a microwave transformer. I can easily run at .30 and  will do a vid of it if i remember on the weekend. I did not rewind  mine, just pulled out the regulator and wired up the brushes.
 I am  not sure how much of a difference derlin would make at this point for  me.....but who knows, i might try it one day....busy busy busy. YOurs  is absolutley capable as i tried it with one cell, but it looked like a  jet engine:)
        Again, i didnt rewind the alternator...just used a highvoltage one, and pulled the regulator...
        all the best.


how is he measuring the amps?

i would have to say this guy has it...  260ma i believe and its piping

I think so


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