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Does anyone know what kind of Dune Buggy Stan has? Or what type? Or how you would find one the same or similar?

I've been thinking, and I'm pretty sure a Dune Buggy like Stan's is the perfect vehicle for running on water with an experimental set up.

Here are some favorable characteristics:
* Exposed engine, lets you work on it, and lets others see clearly your cell and set up
* No under the hood or hidden in the trunk mysteries
* 1500 cc / 50 hp is small, but just big enough to show it is real and applicable to any automobile
* 4 cylinder, easier to run than 8 cylinder
* carburetor, easier than fuel injection to deal with, no modern computers to deal with
*. Volkswagen engines are probably simple to work with,
* Easy vehicle to modify for control panels and stuff, as opposed to a car or truck where you can't tear it apart

And it looks pretty cool

I have been thinking about the same, but i will use a 1984 Volvo 240 with automatic transmission, a 2,1 Liter engine, carburetor.. i have replaced the points and condenser with "Hot spark" petronix electronic iginition module, Halo spark plugs,  and racing washable airfilter that replaces the original filter with higher airflow.... that has given the engine a new life!!! , much quicker respond, more power and saves gas already... ;D

Next level will be to install a highvolt cell for testing.

Stanleys dune buggy was a rail buggy.

This one looks pretty close :

"Hydrogen Warrior"

You can buy a kit and finish it yourself... if you want make a exact copy you can probably find new wheels that look the same today. A lot of work, but a man needs a hobby..

Wish a kit for Christmas... ;)

Thank you very much!

Yea... after looking around a bit, I see a lot of VW beetles turned into dune buggies but that's not exactly suitable. The kind you showed looks good, just like Stan's, and with the open back you can do all the modifications and set-up nice and easy, and then it's open for people to see.

So buying one would be nice, building one might be easier in the long run, then you have everything just they way you need it, and it's a clean start. It might be hard to find one like that for sale too... and then shipping it to where I live (Canada) from somewhere in the states is going to cost ~$2000, so you have to add that to the price no matter what the vehicle is.

Now for building one, the only thing is that there is a Kit Car of a Cobra 427 sitting in my garage right now waiting to be built, so it takes approximately the same effort to build that as it will a dune buggy, except that is going to be over 500 hp with a big-block V8, where as the dune buggy would be about 50 hp which makes it easier to run on water... at least until everything is figured out and you can get the cell size down and the efficiency up to feed a huge engine like that.

I am definitely a head of myself, but It's nice to line up my dreams, so I'm ready for them!

Did you ever get your 427 Cobra built?
Have you thought about running it on Hydrogen?  :)  Not sure if you have seen this before, but I just had to show it to you!
427 Cobra run on Hydrogen:

No, not yet, and by the time it gets built, i bet i'll be ready to run it on water, but it's going to have 500 hp, which is a bit more than Stans 50 hp dune buggy, so you need a bigger wfc, hehe


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