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HHO has been trademarked
« on: July 14, 2008, 21:35:41 pm »

The company in question is a coal company:

Yes these are the really really big supervillains

Shouldnt all the online forums take the initiative and dispute the trademarking of HHO?


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Re: HHO has been trademarked
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2008, 23:44:32 pm »
Well, it shows they are trying to fight back. But what's in a name? I can just as easily call it hoh gas.

To me this shows that those that now see their future being taken away are not going to go out quielty, for if this water for fuel technology comes out guess what companies will be gone? All the companies that sell energy, the oil companies will still have some profits but it will be nothing like what they have in todays world, but their profits will come from the making of oil products, and nolonger the transportation industry. The new kings will be the Automotive companies, and any company that makes something that moves with the use of the new fuel source if they so choose to take the role.

This is an act of desperation by the coal companies and other energy selling companies that will be left out too dry when the water for fuel technology makes it out to the masses.
An extensive article on CEI's lobbying campaign in Time magazine described CEI's members as including "Headwaters, GE Capital, Pacific Gas & Electric and other utilities, investment firms and coal companies".[2]
I for one will let them try and sue me and take me to court only to never pay them a dime and watch them sink into bankruptcy with all of the court cases they will have to pay for.