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EEC Tube
« on: May 02, 2016, 03:04:24 am »

free electrons are magnetic

i was wondering if the electron extraction circuit was not possible to achieve maybe by using a valve tube arranged with a magnet...

the magnetic field would provide a separation of the electron from the emiter holding them absorbing

now if we get an external circuit this electron will have its most potential when the fied of the choke reverts to negative where they can be extracted to make work in external load....

thinking about this would create a negative voltage that could be applied to the secondary charging it up on resonance.

but it would also take a switch connected to the collector

its starting to make sense

in my point of view electons being extracted may be at a high positive potential so would be impossible to get it out...

i noticed that the electron extraction circuit positive side is connected to the inner tube (the one with holes for the gases to pass thru...)

I wonder if actually the cell must become negative to eject electrons...

well if not

than is better to take the electrons out of the way such that they wont pass thru the all load (being ejected by the heat) and provided they have another way to go and close the circuit...

i imagine that this electrons must go somewhere to keep the charge conservation...

just some ideas for the future

chokes being pulsed... with a coil between them in external core.. having the diode therebetween them ...

chokes pulsed with square wave however..

first step..

the external coil just make the part of creating a dc allignment on the cell the resonance come from the chokes and cell (my opinion)...

so we must provide an electron extraction circuit and i know you dont have a clue...

we just two diodes with both anodes together after the secondary one connected to the choke the other connected to the (emiter)...

considering i think that maybe a old tv set could be used or osciloscope or magnetron or vaccum diode or tube depends on how to acoomplish the task is possible

just some ideas for the future
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Re: EEC Tube
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2016, 12:56:07 pm »
Now what if the amp consuming device was externaly heated ? having its own isolated power supply?