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I have found a guy who bought some 430fr wire from the same company that Stan used to gets his wire from.This guy was told it was some of the same wire that was made for Stan.He boughts this wire a few years ago,and it was suppose to be the last of it.This wire is .004" 38 gauge,it says that it's 48 ohms per foot.That means you only need 242 feet per coil to get 11.6k ohms per choke.
I will respool it to 2000 foot spools.It will cost $40 per spool.If you would like a full pound than it will cost $300.
I will have the owner send me a picture to post of it.
I will take orders right now to get an idea of how many spools I will need to get.
There is about 15 pounds available.So heres your chance to get some at a resonable cost,without buying a pound at a time.
You can post here or pm me.
I know this is the same brand of wire because I've seen the same wire at Stans stuff.

Maybe I'll take some lol , give me ALL the details and pictures .

very interested.....i pm'd you at

1 pound will make shitloads of this coil .

Shotgun on 1 pound

But Don .... more info plz .

I also wonder what condition its in .

Tell the seller to tell you EXACT specifications of wire , anneal , coating build , melt # and composition of metal .

I wanna know everything about this  .

Also , I'm wondering if its magnetic properties have faded away after all those years , test with a magnet close to it .


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