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--- Quote from: Hardkrome on July 31, 2009, 23:32:09 pm ---It took 3 months to make the winder. I had to do a lot of prototyping to see what worked. Especially the trolley.
The winder is a prototype. It works well.  There are some improvements that I'll put into the next one I make.
The counter came from allelectronics, I hand made the box it is in along with the buttons. The board is in the top section of the winder.
The main drive is out of an inkjet printer.
The wire tensioner was also made twice before I got that right.

--- End quote ---

Thats pretty impressive work you did.  I was an electronics engineer fresh out of school and straight into the computer garage era back when Apple hadn't even come out yet.  Intel representative noticed we were purchasing certain chips from them and came to our house in Los Angeles holding Apples first computer and told us we have competition!  Now that I'm up in years I'm in Stan Meyers garage looking around and thinking we need to take action on some capabilities we're missing for the moment.

In order to follow the tech. brief for 38awg 430 f/31 wire to be twisted thousands of feet at a time without breaking I came up with a new prototype I think will work.

I hope you will leave feedback for the idea and let me know if any of you think we could make this happen:

Thanks.  Ron.


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