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I wanted to nail the winding the first time . I`ll be making the VIC 6-1 with removeable sections.

Im pretty sure the bifilars are wound section by section using the regular winding technique *right to left then left to right on the next layer then right to left on the next layer and so on...*

Im pretty sure the secondary is wound like this also.

What im not sure about is the primary tho , heres a picture of what 2curious did .

It seems to me like he used the technique *right to left then left to right on the next layer then right to left on the next layer and so on...* but that he reversed the pitch angle of each layer so that his windings make an X

Also i have this method in mind , i`m really not sure about this ,  i guess the bifilars and secondary would be way too annoying to wind this way in a thin spool but maybe the primary ? Really unsure of this method.

what do you guys think of all this ?


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it seems as if the Winding of 2curious and Naudin have similarities....I think i made up my mind regarding the windings.

Thx guys....

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Make several coils and see which are the best.
200 windings are easy..


dankie in the link to naudins site you linked to his scalar waves experiment......i hope your not trying to wind your meyers bifilar coil in a cadecus manner.....the wires are to be wound in the same direction but hooked up to oppose each other.......look at naudins meyers replication......and kevin wests......look at the way the bifilar is hooked the schematic it looks easy but notice naudins numbers for his bifilar coil hookups.....1243........very important.....kevin west does a great job by straight up showing you the connections.....and meyers puts a lovely dot on his more in depth diagrams.......i have already made a bifilar coil......and to get it to create a second pulse like meyers states it has worked with this method.......look at kevin wests diagram of his bifilar coil that is the best visual to use.......a cadecus coil like in hte link provided will take what ever wave you put into and simply destroy it......destroy meaning it will turn it ino super 1 mile long ELF frequencies........this was the purpose of his experiment......i have heavily researched into scalar waves and the cadecus winding......there is a difference between interweaved and cadecus.....

just trying to make your first winding not a complete failure and to save you time....

Put up the link here so i can see plz , i cant find nothing on his crappy site .

well his crappy site is filled with much valuable information.

here notice how it is connected.

notice the coil orientation...on the bifilar winding.

notice in both of the above images the flow is set to go against each other....

that is why in jlnaudins bifilar schematic it is 1243 instead of 1234...........just buy bifilar wire and wind it nice and simple.......then set it up to run against each is an image posted a long ass time ago WHICH EXPLAINS TESLAS BIFILAR COIL PERFECTLY THIS IS HOW IT IS HOOKED UP!.....i have tried it the other way with no just get the same pulse out that you go in.


and a video.....


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