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laminated steel core.....i have gotten a qoute and it was far beyond my price range seeing that im only ordering one.....would anyone know where to get an electrical steel core?  i need this for the bifilar wound part of the vic....i am not making this all on one core i will be splitting it up into a toroid fed into a bifilar.....these are the last 2 things needed and my cell is your help is greatly appreciated.

Magetite Cores
I know a guy in Canada who makes magnetite cores.  He says they are much better than the ferrite cores.  He makes them in any configuration you want.  I don't know his prices.  I can get you in touch with him if you like.

Ferrite Cores
I know another guy who has ferrite cores in Canada also.  He is Gary and his company is Chemelec.  He's a very nice guy and very helpful with our work.  He carries abou any electronic part you might need or want also.

Let me know if you want any more information and I'll provide it for you.

If you shot us a drawing,
Or some dimensions.
And the composition  you are seeking.
I would be glad to help. ;D



these guy are pretty specialized , many dimensions

alright im going for a 1 inch diameter electric steel core as stated in the patents.

i remeber by his lectures when he said tht the more winds the higher the voltage since you are holding back more and more current....the more windings the more the bifilar coil will hold back amps.
so i think a bifilar coil of around 10 inches should suffice.....but i remeber in hte international report the bifilar wound inductor was no longer than 3 inches and quite chubby as if he just kept winding the windings on top of each other.....but would this mess up the magnetic field and it's properties for holding back current?  i am going to call frysteel tomorrow and see if i can get a quote.


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