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I recieved this pdf from The Orion Project.  Its titled "Precursor Engineering and the Falsification of Modern Physics"  by "Thomas Eugene Bearden"   It is very interesting and gives hopes of great things to come.  Check it out

I dont believe we will ever get a full fledge water car or anything to get us really independant  . Next thing were gonna get @ best is a free-energy power-grid controlled by the state and you will pay for your electricity , so complex that no soul could ever replicate .

They will make the same exact profit , retain control without you ever complaing because your costs will also be reduced by 75% ...

Thats what I would do ...

From: Precursor Engineering and the Falsification of Modern Physics by: Thomas Eugene Bearden

With this more advanced understanding of what an "observable" actually is, then when we now introduce a bit of "sharp little gradient tickling" the vacuum in a local area, per P.A.M. Dirac, that tickling will produce negative energies in that tickled
vacuum as well. And that means that we are adding in "negative probabilities" into that bubbling structure (say, a container of water, in each water molecule structure) so that the entire bubble structure for the water molecule starts "backing back down" its ongoing creation chain -- in short, it starts "unhappening" at its "highest positive energy end". If we just use a gross pattern of tickling, we get "overall" unhappening, so the last and highest positive energy thing that made the water molecule possible -- i.e., the OH bond positive probability -- now has much-reduced overall probability. The net probability is the summation of (1) the usual positive probability and (2) the added negative probability due to tickling. Hence statistically the water molecules in the tickled area start "falling apart" as their
OH bonds now have much less probability, and so they just start "unhappening" statistically as their OH bonds start vanishing statistically. So intermixed bubbles of H2 and O2 gas (from those molecules whose OH bond "unhappened") begin appearing throughout the vacuum-tickled "water". But these mixtures are not very combustible or explosive because in that altered (tickled) region
now it is very difficult to form the OH bond. Aha! But if we then pipe the resulting gas bubbles out of that local tickled-vacuum
region -- i.e., out of the water container itself-- and a few inches away and into the combustion chamber of a nearby combustion engine, then the vacuum in that combustion chamber is "normal" and not being "tickled". Hence the OH bond is back in its full normal probability, and so the mix of O2 and H2 will burn and power the engine, giving no exhaust except water vapor.

From:  The Birth of New Technology

Opposite polarity Voltage Wave burst as to Dynamic Voltage Stimulation is simply produced when Programmable Variable Pulse-Width Pulse-Train Waveform is allowed to be electrically transmitted through and beyond  Resonant Charging Chokes Stages  that are not only electrically connected in sequential order but likewise magnetically linked by Inductance Coupling field. The resultant ever increasing pulsating opposite electrical voltage fields having superimposed thereon counter opposing Rippling Voltage-Surfaces  [Dynamic Electrica1 Charging Effect], now, set ups, causes, and applies ever increasing (rubberbanding effect) Pulsating Opposite Electrical Stress across Water Gap encouraging "Particle Oscillation"  as a "Energy Generator" by way of pulsating “Electrical Stress" as the combustible gas atom particles of the water molecule undergo "Particle Deflection" farthest from the point of "State of Equilibrium" and returning back to "Stable State of Equilibrium" during-pulse off-time for repeated "Snapping Action" (Rubberbanding effect) in accordance with bi-polar Voltage Rippling Effect. The greater the Electrical Stress applied, the greater amount of thermal explosive energy is released from Resonant Water Gap. Increasing energy-yield still further is accomplished by increasing the number of Resonant Charging Choke Stages in "Sequential Order" since the total number of Multi-Coil Magnet bifilar coils serially electrically connected together are sequentially electrically linked to an equal number of serially electrically aligned Stainless Steel Resonant Coils allowing each/both bifilar coil assembly to be electrically and magnetically energized in the same progressive direction toward Water Gap and away from blocking diode keeping amp-surge to a minimal level while enhancing Voltage Potential of Electrical Stress as additional Dual Choke Coils are included in the stacked coil-array forming Voltage Intensifier Circuit, once again.

From johnbostick

I believe what Stan is explaining is how to produce the sharp little gradient tickling the vacuum in a local area, per P.A.M. Dirac


Most of the devices made for free energy are done with electrical spikes.
So, yes, your theory is plausible!


Lol sorry JohnB , never read that link . Now that its all there and highlighted for me , yeah its awfully similar . This is probably what Stan is talking about .

Next question is how do we do this ? With voltage ? Non-voltage ?


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