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They sell the cheapest 304L stainless tube I've been able to find anywere.  Their tubes are great and their service is exceptional.  The pricing is about 50% less than I was paying elsewhere.  Check them out.


I second that Fiditti, just bought some tubes from them myself. Waiting for them to arrive.

I've done business with them for over 3.5 years now and never been unhappy yet.  The owner is a hydrogen buff too.

their is a place near me in new york  called yarde metals i got 2 20 foot lengths of 304 seamless stainless 1/2 and 3/4 for 160  bucks delivered to my freinds machine shop

i think they are a nation wide chain

you get the best price if you buy the material in full 20 foot mill length    cause they charge you labor to cut it

Yes , posted that  site a month back on here


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