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Hi, Amateur here  ;D
I followed  specific topic here so I decided to join you, I hope I will not bother you much  ;D

Welcome P85  ;)

My name is fabio hope you have a great time here this is a good place for learning teaching testing and sharing and put your ideas to work

please feel free to comment and ask what you donĀ“t understand!

what is your knowledge background? how did you got interested in this area?

good to have new interest

keep it good

Hi Fabio, i'm auto electrician background and amateur in electronics nothing much  :)  Definitely not in the scientific lvl ;D I'm here to watch and learn.

Hi P85,
Welcome at Ionizationx  :)

As you can read, there is a lot of info available.
Also many test results.
Feel free to ask question!

best regards

hi steve did not know if you were still a member  I am that aussepom  but could not get back on with that as all my info has gone, and when I lost my wife in 2010 not musch else mattered.  now  new computors, and sinse then moved a lot  but I have been trying to trace old members and some of the osts that I did  maybe you can help me get back my original tital  remeber the ozinjector  ell I did get it going and it is being resurected again now the plasma conversion unit, or nw the plasma generator  and I did get my motorgen going as well
  I hope that you may remember me and can help    Brian


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