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With thanks to Jim Miller:
Download the Parts Spread Sheet. Add your partnumbers, sources, and comments to the spread sheet. Attach it to your reply here
Then others will be able to learn from your experience.
This thread is for the Demonstration Unit by Stanley Meyers
as shown in his videos( see the video page at this site) and page 28 of the IITER. If it is for
another configuration just identify it as so when you upload. In that way the measurements won't get intertwined.
Jim Miller

jim miller:
Here's the latest version 5 Demonstration Abbreviation List
in spreadsheet form. I suggest you download it and add in
part numbers, alternate sources, and comments. Then post
it in this thread.
The standard abbreviation list is intended as a quick specific
way af specifying a part in general discussions of the Demonstration Unit (Tube Cluster Model).
I put it into a downloadable format for your use at home.
If you add in your part numbers,alternate sources, and comments
and then post it in this thread, other replicators can benefit from
your successes and failures.
The photogrammetric process is not without its problems. The lack of clear photographs or video clips with sufficient resolution
may lead to differences in interpretation and measurements. For
example a top down, full length or bottom view in good resolution probably do not exist, which means that angle of
view adjustments lead to slight measuring errors.
Fortunately,the IITER p 28 and with many thanks the valuable insights given by Dynodon in his many postings and more recently in PHOTO0066.jpg and PHOTO0068.jpg have cleared up many
construction details.
I selected McMaster-Carr as a reference for part numbers because
many parts in their on-line catalog have exact measurements and
specifications. The Mcmaster-Carr part number can function as an "esperanto" for the Demo Cell Replicators. There are, of course many alternate sources for most parts but the use of a common part number no matter where you get it will help eliminate confusion and lead to exact replications.

I do not have a program to view this spreadsheet... Can you convert it to a text?


--- Quote from: Bubz on January 31, 2011, 22:54:28 pm ---I do not have a program to view this spreadsheet... Can you convert it to a text?

--- End quote ---

Hi Bubz,
You can try Google Apps. When you have a google account, you can upload the excelsheet and see it online and modify when needed....

Thank you Steve! I'll give it a shot!


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