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To quickly start this topic, without too much information right now.

Back in August I made a colloidal silver maker, and have been using it on and off since then, with some favorable results. It saved a tooth that I almost had to loose in the Root Canal. I'll talk more about that later and show pictures of the extremely simple device. (Two 9 volt batteries in parallel, wire, alligator clips to positive and negative, pure silver wire... make in a few minutes for a few bucks)

Last summer I also purchases some electronic components to build the Blood Electrifier, but did not order all the right things, nor do I have the experience to complete the device at the moment.

I wish to build the Blood Electrifier.

Basically it is a 4 Hz square wave alternating pulse of about 27 volts, with variable current controlled by a Potentiometer. Simple... for you guys! (Not so much for me, I've never built anything like this)

I wish to build this. I wish for some help from you guys with more electronics experience. For some of you it is a piece of cake.

Here is a video of Bob Beck using and talking about the device.

He has longer videos, and more documents. Here is one document that has the circuit I want to build in it.

I really want to get one of these things built, and I am willing to pay a little bit of money to make it happen :)

Thanks Donald! The schematic is really easy. You can make one from a proto-board. This is just a simple 555 timer setup very much like the Lawton circuitry or most general PWM's. I'm gonnq give this one a try and see what I get. First, I gotta dig out the proto-board. Hmmmm, where did I put that?

here is his patent steve..  thanks for sharing.. this is a amazing device and concept...

Yeah I made one too , never really used it tho . Maybe some silver plates in a physical ringing would be cool , I would try my 3 phase system on that lol but pure silver so expensive .

I make some water and have my mom bless it for me , she love that documentary and was raised a strict roman catholic .

So better for her to blkess it then me , Im always thinking of getting rich lol ... might add a little music to it once I got some moey to change these really crappy speakers of mine .

welp i just finished my replication of the blood electifier and colloidal silver generator... all i need now is a piece of 3/32 stainless steel rod, some 100percent cotton flannel and some silver wire...
 soon i will be on my way to immortal blood.  next im gonna replicate the magnetic pulse generator.. then i want to buy a sota bio tuner which sends a freq of 7.83hz which is earths natural freq and said to be the freq at which shamin monks are tuned... the bio tuner is said to balance out your left and right hemispheres in your brain.. it is said to be able to get heroin addict off heroin without withdrawls in like one week... also said to eliminate anxiety... sad whing is it cost 195 bucks... its funny they sell colloidal silver gen for 225 bucks and u can build one for under 10 bucks..

@ stevie,
what happend to our youtube button for adding vids?



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