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I need an Oscilloscope. I'll have to buy one in the near future. (Maybe for Christmas!?)

There are things on this alternator set up that I want to learn about more closely, and then I'll build a solid state set up too.

I am looking for advice, suggestions, tips, and stuff, for what I should be looking for in a scope.

Please, if you have any experience to offer on the subject, let me know!

Here is a picture of Stan's Scope: (1993 Video)

I would Donate you a scope if i could, However I would like to have one to lol. I can not seem to get my feet planted firmly enough on the ground to break down and buy one. I can share this with you, You'll probably fry your first scope some how, it happens. So i recommend you to find a scope for about 40 or 50 bucks from ebay, And, get a high voltage probe if you're going to be testing high voltage.

A DSO or, Digital Storage Oscilloscope you can Reverse, and play back to watch what waves was recorded. The others you just see as you probe, which is ok to. Channels, 1 channel is good if your begging, you will pay for a 2 channel scope dearly. However, there is absulutly nothing wrong with only having a 1 channel scope, I use to have one and there wasn't hardly anything i couldn't do with it. I tested a Lifter, Ufo and it fried it, Others fry theirs threw grounds, I think stevie whent down that road with his.

Older scopes also doesn't show you what freq your probing, the newer ones do.



gotta be careful with them things donald.. the shipping on that item is 200 bucks.

Ebay Search Command

oscilloscope -clip -probe -cable -kit   

First Results from that command, Cost set to lowest


AND http://cgi.ebay.ca/LECROY-9354L-500MHz-QUAD-DIGITAL-STORAGE-OSCILLOSCOPE_W0QQitemZ230394555993QQcmdZViewItemQQptZBI_Oscilloscopes?hash=item35a495ee59


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