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The real basics of electrolysis. A really must read.


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I found this document and it is really good material. Specially the second part of this book. Electrochemistry, page 90, chapter 4.
You can read about how electrolysis works and you even might find interesting things with Meyers technology.
It speaks of emf into a cell and the bemf from the cell.
It also speaks of the polarization process.

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The main problem with plain electrolysis is this BEMF which is caused by the hydrogen and oxygen acting like fuel cell.

The fun part of the bemf is also that the hydrogen on the cathode gives back energy.
So if you pulse a cell, then you can see on the scope a negative voltage peak.
so what can you do with that?
Collect that returning power in a coil and re use it?

Again and again?
Stepping up?


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