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Private message keeps asking for log in?

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Lately everytime I get a PM,It makes me log in when I go to check them.Whats up?
Also post keep showing new post when there isn't any there.

Me too since a couple of days.

Thanks for the tips.
Not sure what you see becaus i cannot replicate the failure.Just in case, i ran a full maintenance.
Please report back if it still giving any trouble

Steve It started suddenly when i redefined and deleted the cache of my safari. 

Another thing i would point would be that the font size sometimes is not working i don't understand why... And that some times when i copy and paste text from other source i have to click on remove formatting otherwise the post disappear (everything i wrote) and there after the font size don't work... I aways copy what i wrote in case that happen. I'm using mac.

Thanks Steve

I made more adjustments.
Think that most issues are over. I dont have a mac to test it.
I have only safari on my iphone and the site works well on that.


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