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Need your help!!!! I need the whole Herman Anderson Interview!!!

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jim miller:

Thanks Jim,

This explanation is taken out of the big video above. Its at the end if that.

Its all about radiolysis of the hho.
The wraps around the cell of wire where the spark power is traveling thru, is also creating a magnetic field to accelerate the ions in the cell.
Those two factors should create deuterium from H....

More mass more energy

I think his secret was the space between his  thin layer of elecltrode under is anode bolt head power connection was  part of his " Ion King" experience.
When Bob scoped that cigar box circuit he said it put out 15 hertz that was split into 7.5 on and 7.5 off times.
Herman refferenced a patent that put out the waveform he used.
He stated in his interview a continuous wave keeps on operating and amplifies the current akin to the way a lead crystal does.


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