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it runs on battery power!

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Dear members,

After looking at the dealership tape 1, at 9:20, you can clearly see the hugh battery that ran this version of Stan Meyers buggy.
Its plain electrolysis with watervapours.

No magic here.



Max, please remove that utterly stupid text of these videos. What did you want to prove here? Very disturbing.
Appreciated if you can do that.
And also appreciated the posting of these vids.

Looking further the dealership tapes.
Why are parts taken out, Max?
Why dont we see the complete video's?
Please explain...


It's that kind of thing that makes no sense....To be that bluntly obvious in not really wanting others to succeed and at the same time want to make a name for themselves.....It's the most aggravating thing but anymore it's just plain funny :) who in the right mind would want and try so hard to make that kind of name for themselves ??? Gotta be a Democrat BAHAHAHAJAJAJA LOL

It would be nice if I could run my truck on batteries without having to change the engine to an electric motor.  But even if I could, how big would the battery need to be?  With a lead/acid battery, the basic rule is that if you don't want to ruin the battery, you can only pull 1/20 of the amp hour rating.  This means that a deep cycle battery rated at 100 Amp/hrs will only be good for 5 Amps, on a long term basis.  (I know this is true because I have a bunch of dead batteries sitting around.)  So, a 100 hp motor would need a 12 Volt lead/acid battery which would be rated at 125,000 Amp/hr.  His battery doesn't look anywhere near that big.  There must be something besides the battery powering the motor.  Perhaps it's cold fusion, just as Stan says?

good remarks.
However. Stan didnt made long runs.
Just some minutes of driving for the show.
That battery of him could easy made that happen....
But again. Maybe his later systems were selfsustaining.



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