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Error in Stans Gas production

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The gas measurements are taken from the internation independant evaluation report.Stan never said them in a video.

As for anyone seeing Stan at the funeral,Iv'e never looked into that.I'm pretty sure he is dead.



I bet it would be popular if you made a video of the demo tube cell, with the alternator setup, and showed us how much gas it produces at maximum..  :)

I thnk its safe to say that that the alternator  will not work , it is basicly a regular non-modified alternator .

The 3 phase alternator setup has been tampered with .

I am now more interrested in confirming if Stephen is legit before I continue any further .

If he is than I will put aside all of Stan's previous designs as purely experimental work , as he said in the interview .

waytogo,the original alternator is not there.We're investigating that right now.It looks like one of the previous owners dammaged it and sent it to a repair shop,and got a stock rebuild back.Still following up on that story to confirm.If we can find the build specs,we'll make a new one,for demo-ing.We found pictures that will help,but need further detalis.Sorry can't post those pics.And there was two different boards for the alternator,not sure which one was used for the tube cell.

Dynodon is correct.

I did that same test, one liter cavity 7 PSI a minute = to about 0.5 LPM.
also you can re-view Stan's Videos showing the tube cell with a PSI meter, you can see the rate as the needle moves up, it does match 7 PSI a minute. His gauge is a PSI gauge not BAR.

Bottom line: Stan lied.


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