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Transformer with VIC setup

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Transformer with VIC setup.

Ok, I'll start.

Meyer has about a dozen different ways of wiring a vic which is basically a transformer and in his videos he states that the reason is so no one can go around his patents and IP.  But in the Technical Brief he mentions longitudinally wrapping the primary .  I've been trying to figure out what he meant by that and have found no references to longitudinally wrapping a coil anywhere.  I'm thinking this is might also be related to his other ideas related to magnetic gases and the MHD HyperDrive that Griffin writes about.

In the Technical Brief there's 2 vics one with all copper wire and one with bifilar stainless steel wire which I believe has magnetic properties.  So he describes applying the stainless steel bifilar chokes bidirectional i.e. back and forth and then wrapping on top and longitudinally the primary wire.  After thinking about this for a while I'm guessing that the chokes act as a solenoid coil but the primary is acting like a long thin toroid coil which I have seen described as a solenoid with infinite length.  So before I try this I'm wondering if anyone else has done this and Dynodon have you seen anything like this.


First off the coil 6-1 if for the injector system only.It's not for the tube cells.
The bidirectional winding means that you would wind from left to right and then back left again,and so on until you get the amount of turns you want.
Unidirectional would be from left to right only, or right to left.
Longitudinal would be from left to right or right to left,just like the longitudinal lines for the earth.
The stainless wire is for the 6-1 coil only.And the copper wire is for the rest.
The vic coils for the resonance cell was all cooper,all five coils,and they were all the same gauge wire, 29 gauge.
I seen one 6-1 coil,but it was wrapped in paper,and you couldn't tell what was under it.

Hi Don,

For the resonance cells were all the windings unidirectional and solenoidal in form?  I've seen your photos of the delrin forms for VIC where one slides over the other just curious what you saw and what you think.


Those spools are for the injectors only.Those I couldn't tell how they were wrapped.
The resonance coils were on a closed looped set of U cores,with five seperate coils,that make up the primary,sencondary,feedback and two chokes.Just like he draws them out in his pattent aplication.


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