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Re: Retry N1001
« Reply #176 on: October 13, 2018, 18:35:44 pm »
After almost two years fighting against a pancreatic cancer, my dad now is dead (8/8/48 -  10/10/18) . Our health plan is extremely expensive for our reality and however this last time he got into the hospital by his own foots and in my opinion they made a succession of mistakes regarding his treatment, in one week they basically gave morphine constantly increasing instead of solving the pain motivation .. thru a pump and on the day before the last day he was still talking  and eating but on that night the pains had to receive a greater dose of morphine but on the limit was not working so the sedated him so receiveing so much pain killers he in my opinion was led to a respiratory breakdown.. and they didnt gave him a way to breath.. i felt totally impotent and the hospital didnt even made an autopsy to report any errors in the treatment nor the exact reason of dead. the only thing on the obit report was pancreatic cancer metastatic.. but his lungs clearly failed and was almost certainly infected.

i feel terrible about this because first however my dad was in pain and was going to die soon or later he wanted a lot to live and we was hopping that they could find something wrong if the just tried to operate him again.. and secondly because me my brothers and uncles and unties could have the same condition and similar evolution in a near future and without an autopsy we actually dont know exactly how the disease progressed to the end;

my feeling is that my health care plan did an eutanasia to my dad with the excuse of relief of his pain but with the clear intention to save money!..

in one week he died, really seems like he was being poisoned since the first day.

hope you all dont have to pass thru this.

now he is under the earth and there is nothing i can do apparently..

(regarding the progress witth the hydrogen is slow because the lack of money and time unfortunately
my brother came down to sao paulo and is helping me to organize my lab ... i hope i can do something when the motivation come back.. . at least from now will be a little bit more organized..

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Re: Retry N1001
« Reply #177 on: October 13, 2018, 19:01:46 pm »
I am so sorry to hear all this, Fabio...
My condoleance to you and your family with the death of your father.
Its true that healthcare can be very crude.
The form of cancer your dad had is a very nasty one.
I lost a friend within 3 months after diagnose.
You cannot cure from it as far as know it.
Take yr time....Hydrogen can wait.
When you want to get back into it, send me a PM.......

love and strength

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Re: Retry N1001
« Reply #178 on: October 13, 2018, 19:30:00 pm »
Thanks for the words my fried, he also had discovery it very lately thanks to the health care .. they took more than 3 months to detect it they only did diagnosis when he was already yellow from the eyes to skin..

I will be always keep up with the hydrogen research but probably in next times i will need to take all i can to do some money and get out of this situation of selling the lunch to pay the dinner.

i have this project of heat recycle that i will focus on to try achieving this goal of having the possibility to return working on hydrogen full time or at least part time

thanks for the force and good feelings bro

its being 10 years we are together into this, and life is sometimes a bad bitch and we need to be hard like steel to reflect all the shit coming on our direction.

within one month i will be alone here in my house again and perhaps i find  the mood i use to have some ]years ago to finally terminate this project..

Best Regards bro  =)

hope to be up back soon