Author Topic: Rotary Pulse Voltage Frequency Generator Assembly  (Read 136151 times)

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Re: Rotary Pulse Voltage Frequency Generator Assembly
« Reply #528 on: December 07, 2013, 21:42:01 pm »
Thanks Jim,i know how the sistem is hooked,he ever shows the inside of the big box?

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Re: Rotary Pulse Voltage Frequency Generator Assembly
« Reply #529 on: September 02, 2014, 03:47:55 am »
No one is working on this anymore?Komtek whats your voltage coming out of your rewound stator?have you tried it?thanks!
Btw i figured how Stan wound his alt.,tried it but it didnt was either wired wrong on purpose or it is not his stator...

adys15, sorry I have not worked on this for a long time.
The rewind I did has 150vdc peak to peak, also this depends on how much voltage and speed applied to the rotor.
However I am only watching current to rotor and have tried 0.25 to 3 ampere. Changed pulley sizes to spin the rotor at about 6500 rpm or so.
This also depends on the way the tubes are connected.
I have 7 sets of triple tubes. Connected in series I can attain the higher voltage. There are actually 14 gaps or neutrals.
Connected in parallel the voltage won't get so high and wants to draw high current.

I have 18vac and 0.5vdc across the amp inhibiting coil 617, seems strange for right now.
Checked all diodes in the system and they are good.
This load at 150vdc p-p runs at 2 amperes across the tubes and 1 ampere across the rotor.
A reasonable amount of gas is produced but it does not seem like anything extraordinary.
However getting this voltage high and keeping the current low is making me think about trying to raise the voltage higher.